] 5 Ways You Are Damaging Your Email Marketing

5 Ways You Are Damaging Your Email Marketing

While email marketing may not get the attention some of the newer digital marketing tools, it continues to be a terrific way for you to generate leads and convert more prospects for your business. E-mail marketing is still one of the most lucrative marketing strategies, IF you implement properly. Otherwise, you’re just wasting time and annoying your recipients. Here are the most common email marketing practices that may be sabotaging lead generation for your business.

Take heed and STOP hindering your email marketing.

Wrong Disbursement date

It used to be that the most rewarding e-mail disbursement dates were Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. However, recent statistics show the optimum open rates are Saturday and Sunday. Are you surprised? You may want to think about tweaking your schedule dates and experimenting with your specific e-mail address database. You will get the most accurate data by benchmarking your specific user data and analyzing.

Non-existent Auto-responders

Your readers will forget they opted into your e-mail database. Surprisingly, many companies do not take advantage of the auto-responder feature offered by their e-mail service provider (esp) to remind readers of their request to opt-in. Most e-mail service providers allow clients to set-up a series of e-mails that automatically generate once the initial call to action occurs. If your e-mail service provider does not offer this service, find a new one! E-mail me for recommendations and tips on creating auto-responders.


A call-to-action is a specific instruction for your reader to do something, to take action, preferably NOW. “Click the button below," for example. Call-to-Actions are not necessarily sales pitches. You might prefer to include a no-obligation statement that removes or reduces risk. Offer a free trial rather than convince the reader to make a purchase right away. Allow someone to get comfortable with you first. This gives people the confidence to buy. But regardless of what you want the reader to do, you have to clearly and specifically tell him what and how to do it.

Poor E-mail Layout

A good subject line can make or break your e-mail campaign and should contain no more than 30 to 50 characters. It should also appeal to the readers sense of curiosity or promise something of value, create a sense of urgency and give readers some indication of what to expect once they open the email. Place your logo in the upper left side of the e-mail to ensure it receives the most visibility. Eye tracking studies have found that people instinctively look for logos in the upper left-hand side of emails. E-mail pixel width should not be wider than 650 pixels. If you go wider than 650 pixels, then you’re asking users to scroll horizontally to read your entire message. The less clutter you have in your email, the more conversions you’ll experience. Don’t junk up your email with more than 2, or at maximum, 3 typefaces.

Purchased E-mail Lists

Purchased e-mail lists are a big no-no. Not only will such a list have negative consequences in terms of your e-mail marketing campaign statistics, it is unethical. If those two reasons are not convincing enough, if your company is tagged as a SPAMMER, you will lose deliverability to existing customers and prospects. Instead, focus your time and resources on organically growing your list by increasing opt-ins on your site with a outstanding newsletter sign-up. Spend the money that you would spend on the purchase of the e-mail list on increasing traffic to your site through SEO and PPC. Capture and mesmerize your visitors pushing them into the sales funnel via an incentivized newsletter to deliver useful and desirable information. Maintain your communication with those users and bring them back by keeping them satisfied. They become walking billboards for your brand and the entire process builds and build. Organic growth is not only the safest, but it’s the most economical and effective way to get highly-qualified users into your sales funnel.

Christine Smith is Founder & CEO of smurkmedia.com. smurkmedia.com specializes in systematic processes to increase website rank & traffic through e-mail marketing, social media, seo, sem, ppc, and public relations. To learn more, visit http://www.smurkmedia.com.

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