] Why We Get Website Leads (And How You Can Too!)

When considering if your website is working for you, what do you look at?

Website effectiveness is all about assessing your goals and creating a system that will achieve those objectives.  If you accomplish this then your website is successful.  The number one question I hear from clients is "How do I get more traffic, and thus leads, from my website?

Here are my 6 ways to generate more leads from your website.

Collect email addresses

Use the “about” area on all social media profiles to invite people to a free eCourse or free download. This is a great idea to spice up the "about me" section of a Social Media Profile. At trade shows & events, ask permission to include attendees in your email database. Include opt-in forms on every page of your website. Ask customer service employees to ask if it's okay to add them to your email database. Trade e-zine space with a strategic partner, include a link for their opt-in form and ask them to include yours in their e-zine.

Create Landing Pages

If you could do one thing right now to significantly increase your lead generation efforts, I would highly recommend landing pages on your website.  Too many companies send their email, social media, and search traffic to their homepages. This is comparable to throwing leads away. You could gather these leads at a much greater rate simply by sending them to targeted landing pages. Landing pages provide a very easy way to produce leads for your sales team that you can then easily segment, nurture, or distribute to your sales team.

Write a Blog

The single most effective way to generate traffic to your site is by blogging. Blogs increase your SEO. The fresh content is key to beating out your competitors in the search engine results page. Well written blogs demonstrate your company as an industry leader. By posting topics which resonate with your market and show your knowledge, you are marketing your skills for your business, service or product too. Blogs provide another source to deepen the connection with your customer. By connecting directly on your website, your clients are able to get to know your business or product from the the comfort of their office or mobile device.

Generate Special Reports

A Special Report is a written document from one to several pages on a specialized subject of interest to certain readers. It should be concise and practical information of value to a particular audience. It might be professionally bound with a cover and personalized for the reader or it might just be a few pages stapled together or it may even take the form of a computer file or electronic book.  

Compose Articles

Writing articles is one of the best web site promotion strategies you can implement. Writing articles, of value, specifically to your demographic will help improve your targeted web traffic by reaching more people. Articles may be posted on your website or they can be submitted to other sites such as e-zines and online publishers, as well as Social Media. As soon as you upload your new webpage to your server, search engine spiders will crawl the internet and your website will gain an increase in search engine ranking. In addition, writing excellent, original and relevant articles not only gives your site exposure, you are also gaining credibility for your prospects.

Use Testimonials

Overcome purchaser doubt by adding excellent testimonials. Testimonials can generate more selling power than some of the best sales copy out there. Why? Because testimonials build trust, whether your clients are raving about what your product has done for them or about the great service you provided, they're telling your website visitors first and foremost that they had a positive experience with your products and company.  Because testimonials aren't written in your “voice”, they stand out in your copy as sincere and neutral accounts of how well your product works.  A good testimonial has the power to convince even your "tough sell" website visitors that your product or service really made a difference in your customer's life, and can help them, also.

Christine Smith is Founder & CEO of smurkmedia.com. smurkmedia.com specializes in systematic processes to increase website rank & traffic through e-mail marketing, social media, seo, sem, ppc, and public relations.   To learn more, visit http://www.smurkmedia.com.  

This article is intended for informational purposes only.  smurkmedia.com, nor Christine Smith, accepts liability for the content of this article, or for the consequences of any actions taken on the basis of the information provided.    

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