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5 Habits of the Local Business Holiday Shopper

As the Holidays begin to approach, the questions begin. Every business wants to know what consumers want. How do they shop? What are they looking for and when  -–  and where?

They also want to know how to increase revenue, which means a marketing approach that uses digital channels. With this realization, they will be positioned for the biggest revenue event of the year: holiday shopping

Local businesses, like you, can connect with more customers by targeting consumers in the digital space with the right message. An understanding of purchasing habits will help you to create a marketing strategy to drive customers to purchase this holiday season.

Here are five habits of your local business holiday shopper:

The simplicity of negotiating...How about this?

There’s something you might not know about me, I don't particularly like to negotiate. That may come as a shock, since I’m an entrepreneur and have been in some sort of sales all my life — and most people think of negotiating as part of the sales process. Yesterday, I came across a video that completely changed my thought process in terms of negotiating. For me, negotiating was always about someone winning and someone loosing or giving in. Up until now, I was usually the person agreeing to something that was not in my best interest. Can you relate?

Gabby Bernstein keeps it very simple. I admire her style. She suggests negotiating is simply finding innovative ways for everyone to be the victor. I like that! Click here to check out her video!

Why We Get Website Leads (And How You Can Too!)

When considering if your website is working for you, what do you look at?

Website effectiveness is all about assessing your goals and creating a system that will achieve those objectives.  If you accomplish this then your website is successful.  The number one question I hear from clients is "How do I get more traffic, and thus leads, from my website?

Here are my 6 ways to generate more leads from your website.

6 Email Marketing Measurements to Establish Success

Email marketing is an amazing resource to reach new prospects, as well as take full advantage of existing client engagement. Being a successful business owner, you wear many different hats and are responsible for many moving parts of your business. It’s easy for your email marketing to be neglected and all the data to become over whelming. There are so many different metrics and KPI’s or key performance indicators you should be managing to ensure maximum return on your investment on your email marketing. Assuming you are successful with following through on your email campaign schedule, how would you measure the efficiency of a marketing campaign?

In this post, I will share 6 email marketing metrics I recommend you analyze on a consistent basis to measure your e-mail marketing campaign success.

smurkmedia.com Launches Website to Help Domains Acquire Better Google Ranking

Delray Beach, Fla. July 26, 2014 – smurkmedia.com launched a website to help clients, nationwide, acquire better Google ranking. smurkmedia.com, established in 2010, services clients from its headquarters in Delray Beach, Florida and specializes in consistent branding and messaging. 

smurkmedia.com works with all types of clients, including individual entrepreneurs, small to medium sized businesses, as well as franchisees and franchisors.  smurkmedia.com offers email list generation techniques, search engine management (sem), branding & imaging, content management, email marketing, social networking, website optimization (seo), public relations, and website design, as well as many other unique and cost effective marketing services. Learn more about better Google ranking.


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