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an idea of something formed by mentally combining all its characteristics or particulars



the purpose for which something is designed or exists


to plan and fashion artistically; to intend for a definite purpose



the act or process of growth

About Smurk!

smurkmedia.com is a digital media communications firm servicing clients nationwide with a variety of services from its headquarters in West Palm Beach, Florida.  Established in 2010, the firm specializes in email marketing by creating consistent branding and messaging.    smurkmedia.coms founder, Christine Smith is past Principal and Director of Marketing for Fine Lions, Inc.  Prior to that, Smith was Director of Marketing at Direct Office Interiors, Inc.  Smith is a graduate from Florida Atlantic University with a Bachelor of Art degree in Business .   smurkmedia.com works with all types of clients, including individual entrepreneurs, small to medium sized businesses, as well as franchisees and franchisors.  smurkmedia.com offers email list generation techniques, branding & imaging, email marketing, social networking, website optimization, public relations, and website design, as well as many other unique and cost effective marketing services.    

why seo

SEO allows you to target  your customer when they search your product/service through search engines.

  • increase roi
  • improve "organic" ranking
  • better regional perspective


why blog

Blogging allows you to offer opinions & information of value on your website to help your customers solve challenges.

  • increase website visibility
  • raise credibility
  • better communication


why social

Social Media drives repeat business and attracts new customers.  Your customers are on social media, you should be to!

  • spread your brand
  • drive conversions
  • connect to your customers


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